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I work from home and provide a mobile service in and around Swindon,Wiltshire  providing a range of healing treatments. To book in please call  07989426474.

Full Reiki Healing      £20 -   30 mins.                                   £30 -    45 mins

Reiki healing provides a gentle soothing energy  in which the body is revitalised and cleansed of toxins on a physical, mental and emotional level and is therefore great for any physical, mental or emotion based condition. Any negative blocks and residual negativity  are removed from the aura allowing better energy flow.

 It is a simple, natural and safe method of  healing and can aid recovery in illness, an can be used in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and help recovery but it is not a replacement for standard medical treatment, but works alongside any current treatment that you may be having. 

It is also a lovely relaxing treatment to have for a treat and a pampering for yourself, or a loved one.

Your treatment is carried out on a therapy couch, with relaxation music playing, candles and incense to create a nice relaxing environment.  You remain fully clothed during the treatment,

You will leave the treatment feeling refreshed.

Please allow an extra 15 mins for first appointment for registration.

Top up Reiki Healing £15 (20-30mins)

This session is ideal for an energy boost or just to rebalance the chakras.

Children 0-5 Free, 5yrs-10yrs £10, 10yrs - 16yrs £15   OAPS £10

Reiki Attunements

If you would like to experience the wonderful energy of reiki yourself and interested in an attunement please contact me for information.

Crystal  Therapy    £20 -  30 mins                                               £30 -  45 mins

Crystals have been used for thousands of years.. They work on our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
Our bodies are made up of energy known as Chakras points which are located along our body.  When a chakra is out of balance or becomes blocked our body’s natural flow of energy is disrupted causing symptoms such as pain, fatigue, listlessness, stress and depression to name a few. When used, crystals re-align the Chakras located within our bodies. By placing crystals on the affected Chakras any blockages  can be cleared away allowing our body’s energies to flow freely again. This is good for removing stress and negativity.

 Please allow an extra 15 mins for first appointment for

 Both of these relaxing treatments are suitable for all ages from children to elderly.

 To book an appointment please call  07989426474



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